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Helping People With ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia Get Their Life Back.

        I sincerely believe that ANS REWIRE is a gift for people living with ME/CFS and fibromyalgia who wish to regain their health and life by recovering from these illnesses."

Dr Lessard

Dr Julie Lessard / M.D.


ANS REWIRE allowed me to recover from over 6 years of ME/CFS and PVFS.

Dan has put a wonderful program together. My experience has been life changing.  I fully commend the ANS REWIRE program to you!

The conclusions Dan Neuffer has arrived at are shared by top researchers who don't harbor a bias.

Dan’s model makes the most sense and is one used by people I know who have recovered.”

Dr James R. Roberts / Clinician


I am 100% recovered from a disease that I've had for 33 years and thought I would never ever get better from

If you are considering this program, just start investigating it, read the book, watch some recovery videos!"

Who Is Dan Neuffer?

Dan is the author of CFS Unravelled and Discover Hope and the creator of the ANS REWIRE online recovery program.  He is a husband and father of two, living on the Gold Coast in beautiful sunny Queensland, Australia.  His biggest passions in life are spending time outdoors with his family and helping other people with ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia get their life back. 

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