Mollie recovers using ANS REWIRE – testimonial - ANS REWIRE Online Recover Program
Mollie shares her amazing experience with ANS REWIRE:

The free introductory module of the program contains 4 lessons in which you learn:

  • What is involved in recovery from ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia;
  • More about the ANS dysfunction & secondary issues;
  • What makes recovery possible and how it happens;
  • Details about the ANS REWIRE Recovery Program
Please note:  It is recommended that you watch this module before enrolling in the program!

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Lesson 1:

Gaining Perspective
  • 2 internal challenges we need to overcome;
  • 3 common basis for recovery that simply don't work and should NOT be pursued;
  • How an education/training program can be central to what is clearly a severe physical illness.

Lesson 2:

The Explanation
  • How the root dysfunction causes all the symptoms of ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia;
  • How and why this driving dysfunction establishes itself.

Lesson 3:

Road To Recovery
  • How the 6 groups of triggers perpetuate the syndrome;
  • The physical triggers that perpetuate the illness;
  • The scientific breakthrough that has only been accepted by the medical community in the last decades which paves the way to recovery!

Lesson 4:

Program Details
  • The key requirement for change to produce recovery;
  • 3 distinctions for recovery;
  • Content and information of the ANS REWIRE recovery program.
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